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Welcome to Round #9

Posted: 14/03/2018

Categories: Patches, General

Fellow gangsters,

Welcome to the new round of Omerta!

As announced this round we prepared several changes/adaptations for you.
- The countdown can only be activated if there are 5 or fewer families standing;
- The poker spot in Detroit is split to 2 spots of 5% instead of a single spot with 10%;
- The holiday mode of the game is completely removed (due to shortness of the rounds);
- The ReCaptcha on kill page is changed/adapted to meet better needs for the speed on this action.

We hope that you like what we have prepared for you. Don’t forget to let us know if you liked the changes.

You can find all information about this round on the following page: http://omerta.wiki/display/OMERTA/COM+-+Round+9

The winners of the Hall of Fame will receive their voucher within 12 hours after creating their accounts. They will be able to turn the star next to their name on or off in Accounts Overview.

Have fun everyone!
Omerta Crew

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