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Fellow gangsters,

The new round of Omerta will start Wednesday, 23 September at 10 OT.

For the next round we have added some new changes:

- You can only buy X bullets per day, where X is the amount of bullets you bought from local bulletfactory the previous day

- You will enter federal prison where buyout is much higher and you can't be busted by other players after your first 100 bust out attempts failed
- Everytime you reach your max. failed bust outs the limit will increase 10% after a 24h cooldown to restart

- Active accounts are harder to kill overall
- Shooting or getting shot in your family home city will give you even more attack boost (backfire in case of being shot)

- Every 10 tickets will double up the cost of the following ones

- HQs are now limited to 75 members total
- Capo regimes are limited to 15 people (14 members + 1 capo.)
- Regimes no longer have capo successors (if capo dies, all members go famless & spot is lost)

- Prices are back to the old prices (local bullet factories will have prices between 300$ and 800$)

- Only active accounts can hire Sluggs

Scratch and Win:
- Min requirements for S&W are: Pickpocket or 500 bust outs

City Spots Tax:
- If spots are bankrupt, the tax will go to Local Mob instead of having no tax

More information about the changes will follow on our wiki.

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  • You may play Omerta on any computer to which you have access.
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You may not:
  1. Register more than one active account per person.
  2. Exploit any bugs in the game code or the structure of the game for the furtherment of you character in Omerta.
  3. Hack or attempt to hack or otherwise interfere with the server(s) on which Omerta is running .
  4. Use any tools, bots, spiders or similar software based devices which automatically or semi-automatically engage in gameplay in Omerta.
  5. Engage in discriminate of any kind against other players or personnel of Omerta or engage in threatening behaviour outside of what would be deemed acceptable gameplay.


  1. The source code of Omerta is the copyrighted property of Omerta Game Limited.
  2. The Software is licensed and not given to you, and Omerta Game LTD owns all copyright, trade secrets, patents and all other proprietary rights in the Software and in the Omerta game concept.
  3. You expressly acknowledge and agree that registering at Omerta and playing Omerta is at your sole risk.
  4. Omerta and any related documentation or materials are provided 'As seen' and without internal or external warranty of any kind.
  5. Appointed in game crewmembers may delete, inactivate or downgrade your account without recourse to complaint by yourself and excluding any duty to justify such actions.


  1. Any purchase of digital goods, including but not limited to in-game Credits are non-refundable donations to Omerta Publishing Ltd.
  2. All purchases are considered donations and Omerta Publishing Ltd has no obligation to offer anything in exchange for purchases made.