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Omerta in the fight against bugs!

Posted: 04/10/2018

Categories: Patches, Future Update

Hello gangsters,

The last months we have been very busy behind the scenes with adjustments to the game.
This is why there have unfortunately not been many visible changes and solutions lately.

Now that this is almost complete, we want to focus again on visible improvements and bug fixes in the game!
For this, we need your help!

Please let us know in case you know a bug, you can do this by ticket or by mail (feedback@barafranca.com).
In case you found an abusable/exploitable bug you can you expect a reward* (of one or more DC's)! 
Also, other feedback and suggestions are welcome, but keep in mind that we can not always implement this. But we are very grateful for all the useful suggestions we get.
We will also keep this topic updated with the newest bugfixes.

Solved bugs/errors:
- It was possible to send a message with unlimited numbers of characters in the in-game chat, this is fixed to avoid chat spam.
- The problem which caused the in-game chat to crash sometimes is solved.

Reward rules:
- Please keep in mind that many bugs are known already by our dev team, only new bugs will be able to get a reward.
- Misspellings/typos are excluded.
- It's up to Omerta to decide how we will reward a report, this is based on the risk of abuse of the bug.
- It is never allowed to use or abuse any (known) bug, even if you are trying to help us out! You risk an account punish and even a akill when you are doing this.

Let us improve Omerta together!

Omerta Crew

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