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故事发生在1930 年代黑手党和暴徒横行的时代,游戏是关于地位,金钱和尊敬故事。玩家藉由犯罪,偷车和帮助朋友越狱来获得地位的提升。你甚至能经营自己犯罪组织,抢劫当地银行,在无人的路上劫持车辆。当那您真正进入到这个罪恶世界之后,您才能挖掘更多的机会,比如赌博俱乐部,出售酒精甚至毒品。





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All the dons of importance have come together to show honor to a man. A man who has been of great influence to many, who equals Napoleon in intelligence, and matches Stalin in cruelty; a man who was graceful, when the situation permitted him to be graceful, a man who was merciless, when he needed to be merciless. A man with two personalities. A cold-blooded leader, the 'Capo Di Tutti Capi', Boss of all Bosses, absolute leader of the Italian Mafia.

His name is Gianluca Barafranca, better known as Don Barafranca. At the respectable age of 69, after 53 years of hard work to expand the family and enlarge our businesses, he has decided to retreat. Born in Montelepre, raised in Little Italy, New York. He joined the local Capo Regime of Ciavolo, a powerful Capo working for Don Marcelo Tuccini, at the age of 16. Climbing up with vertiginous speed, becoming mobster when he was nearly 18 years old. Like Ciavolo said: 'That boy is going to get to high places', so Barafranca went. In a short, but bloody vendetta with the rivalising Gilardino-family, Ciavolo was assassinated and it was Barafranca's duty to take over the Capo Regime. With only 25 years of experience in life, he was the youngest Capo in history. And a promising one. When Tuccini decided to step out and return to Montelepre, Sicilia, to enjoy his last years of life, he gave Barafranca the authority over the Bronx, Brooklyn & Manhattan. As a sign of respect, Barafranca gave his first son the name Marcelo. A year after Marcelo's birth, Claudio was born, and Barafranca was living the good life.

Unfortunately, how cruel can life be, Tuccini was murdered 2 years after his retirement, on behalf of Don Clemente, an old rival from Miami. This was the first time Barafranca demonstrated his cold-bloodedness. He waited a few years before revenging Tuccini. He got 3 of his best men, Alessandro Tedesco, Fabio Roveto and Gianni Marinella, to infiltrate into Miami's underground. They became members of the Clemente-family and they came to know him as a warm, nice man. But business is business, and Tedesco, who climbed up to become Capo of Clemente, introduced Barafranca as a possible new connection. After a good conversation and copious dinner in restaurant Lago Maggiore, owned by Clemente, Clemente was found dead in his mansion.

As Tedesco had power in Miami, he stayed there to enlarge the power and territory of the Barafranca's. The Don sent Roveto to Boston and Marinella to Philadelphia, where nobody really was in charge. By 1911 Barafranca had absolute power over all three city's. He decided to send Marcelo to Palermo, because he saw Marcelo had a true Mafia-mentality in his eyes, and he had to establish that quality, under supervision of an old friend of Tuccini, Don Bianco. Meanwhile he conquered Las Vegas, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Napoli, Genova & Sicilia, his true homeground. In 1918 he instructed Marcelo to return to New York and set up connections in Houston. The local boss in Houston, Don Giovane, knew about the name and fame of Don Barafranca, and welcomed Marcelo with great respect. Marcelo created a huge distribution center in Houston, to supply all the controlled cities with booze, a lucrative business during Prohibition.

After that, Barafranca expanded his empire. He acquired complete control in New York, Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Napoli, Genova, & Sicilia, and controlled parts of Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, Vancouver, Orlando, San Francisco & Phoenix. He stabilized this with trustable Capo's, and had an easy way of living. But in 1927, a young, brutal Don, called Fregio, tried to take over the south, by bribing judges & FBI agents to arrest the local capo's. Barafrancaa was furious and declared vendetta to the Fregio's. A hard and bloody war, which endured 4 years, left its scars. Claudio Barafranca was killed in a drive-by, which plunged Don Barafranca into mourn. With an intelligent and fast tactic, he ended the war, by killing all the Capo's. 2 of them were brothers of Fregio, one a nephew. After he invited Fregio for a conversation on neutral ground, he blew up the Fregio headquarters. No bodies were found. Don Barafranca proved, again, he was the 'Capo Di Tutti Capi'.

Now, Don Barafranca has decided to divide his empire, because Marcelo stepped out after the Fregio vendetta. He is owner of a well-respected bond of banks in Spain, France & Portugal. He left Miami & Baltimore to Tedesco, Roveto acquired charge in Philadelphia & Boston. Marinella, the youngest of his 3 highest rated Capo's, still has the potential to grow. He received parts of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Phoenix & Vancouver. Bianco's son, Paolo Bianco, became the boss of Sicilia, except for Palermo. Another old friend, who provided many men in earlier vendetta's, Don Locatelli, gained control in Napoli & Genova. The parts in Orlando were given to the local Don, Don Terranova, one of the only rivals left.

This is leaving 8 cities open. The fields, left open for new promising gangsters like yourself. Barafranca hasn't forgotten how he started, and wants to give new people new chances to conquer. One of those people could be you...

Live by the game, die by the game,

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