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Round 12

Posted: 05/02/2019

Fellow gangsters,

Welcome to the new round of Omerta!

As announced, in this round we have important changes in heists. 

Due to the high amount of Route 66 crimes in Detroit, attention was drawn by the feds. There has been a new federal boost for catching these robberies and for your own protection you may do only 1 heist per town in the same day. You will get more rank progress when you heist in the home town of your family.

* Heist cooldown time is 3 hours and there are 8 cities in the game which means that gangster can do one heist in each city per day.
* You need to promote manually for the cooldown to reset. If you promote via Lackeys cooldown time remains the same
You will be able to see a cooldown for each city on the groups crime page

After we have received feedback from busters we h

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