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Here we post the responses to some of our most frequently asked questions about the game. You will find that current players of the game will be happy to help you get started (or laugh at you before putting a bullet in your head). For anything you need to get you going on your quest to run the city just get in touch and the crew will be happy to guide you.

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General FAQs

  • How do I play?
    Click the Play Now button
  • What can I do with my cars?
    If you managed to nick a car you can either sell it right away and earn some cash, or send it directly to your garage. The money you earn on the deal depends on the type of car and damage to the car. It is important to have some cars in your garage because you may need them to do group crimes (heists, organized crimes, mega OC, raids) and car races (if you're the driver) or to turn them into bullets (crush them). As a rule of thumb, cars with a low value should be turned into bullets. If you have high value cars, put them in safehouse. This way the feds cannot find your stolen cars nor take them away from you.
  • How can I earn some cash?
    Most money in the game is earned by smuggling booze & narcotics. This requires a lot of training to prevent spending most of your days locked up. We recommend you start smuggling from the very start of the game. How do you do that? Go to the “Smuggling” page (crime on the menu), on this page you can see how many units you can carry. Select this many units of booze/narcotics with the lowest price and select buy, type in the code and press on the Buy/Sell button. Repeat this until you buy the required units. Then “Travel” to a nearby town where your booze or narcs command a higher price – and sell your stash at a profit! Repeat this while you are doing crimes and stealing cars.
  • What is the purpose of accommodation?
    Accommodation gives you extra protection against attacks. Accommodation protects you while you are offline . You are able to rent 1 accommodation per city, and within the city maps you can choose where you want to live. But be careful! Each spot has a limit of 5 houses. Some of them have villas and apartments, others don't. This means, that the number of the houses in the game is LIMITED. To get married, both partners need a house of any type.
  • Jail
    If you get sent to Jail there is no need to panic! At the beginning of your criminal career you are released in no time at all. The higher the ranking of the player the longer they spend in jail - but you have the ability to help them out and gain the respect of the bosses! Click on “Jail” in the menu (you won’t receive rank points for this but you will gain busting experience). At the bottom of the page enable the bust & buy out message setting (this way you can get rewarded by other players if you manage to bust someone out). To bust simply select a person, type in the code and press the “Bust out” button.

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