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 By Xipz0r 


 11:04 am 

Fellow gangsters,

Rom is Started!

If you think this version is decided and that it is time to reset, vote YES.

If you think this version should continue, vote NO.

Don't forget, if there are less than 70% of votes in favor for reset, version will continue and ROM will be re-run later on.

ROM will end on Sunday (21 May ) at midnight OT.

Let us know your opinion,
Omerta crew

 By 4.106Angelface 


 11:09 am 

Reset !NOW and one last party ohhh... and cookies...lotīs of coooooooookies xD

 By 4.106Vic 


 11:10 am 


 By 4.106Sanchezzz 


 11:15 am 


 By 4.106Lo 


 11:32 am 


 By 4.106Yalnizkurt 


 12:03 pm 


 By 4.106Welcomeback 


 14:21 pm 


 By 4.106Ktf 


 14:46 pm 


Keep this lame shit goin on for the remaining as1 fams/bloods/noobs/pussy's cuz they like this new Sims game till they all understand again how to play this game and to have fun.

Just reset this crap when you come with V5 or 2.1.

 By 4.106Pesci 


 16:31 pm 


 By 4.106Panpaa 


 17:21 pm 


 By 4.106Fumiin 


 17:38 pm 

what happens when you reset ?

 By 4.106Pokerplayer 


 18:23 pm 

Quote: Fumiin on 17:38:38 18-05-2017
what happens when you reset ?

We all gonna die baby, that what happens when reset comes up

 By 4.106Terzi 


 20:56 pm 


 By 4.106Whatever 


 21:31 pm 


what will a reset change

same shit

 By 4.106Silenthill 


 22:12 pm 

Krijgen we ook een vounser

 By 4.106Flaffi 


 22:57 pm 

missing the good old 2.x versions...

 By 4.106Fumiin 


 0:58 am 


 By 4.106Sneaky 


 4:26 am 


 By 4.106Mazda 


 5:07 am 

Lets get back to the god old days like omerta 2-1

 By 4.106Stompanato 


 8:06 am 

So people surviving on smarts, brute, cunning or simply plain luck will just be wiped out and all start over? Seems legit.

 By 4.106Pesci 


 9:38 am 

why are people always crying about we wanna have 2.1 back and stuff

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