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  Crossfire Favour    

 By Kcode 


 1:22 am 

The previous highlights of wars gone, remaining mafia held worked together to knock out opposing threat.

During the cross fire, Penta found them selves shooting Fangtasia. It was a heated shootings and time was to be focused on a particular target. However, from tonight's massacre, Penta was the dinner.

It has been a call of clear off, and finalise the version. Exception, Blacksea and Fangtasia attacked Penta, managing to drop first line off Penta. !

Except, Blacksea, Fangtasia, Militant -VS- Penta, Penteption

The brother family of Penta, Penteption takes the falll

The war and the killings are ongoing for a clear wave. It seems a call for reset counter is no far from the corner.

With last Don of Penta biting dust, the Penta mafia familia dissolves in dust.

Penta - Family Down!

Remaining families are bloods/allies and as1; whom soon will be put in peace.

Militant & Blacksea have been closed down, with remaining families preparing to shut down as the version will be called to close in few days by top 3 families.

Any News?
#Raja o/

Written by Raja at
Last updated at: May 5, 2017, 1:21 am

 By 4.106Fumiin 


 6:18 am 

invite for OC's people

 By 4.106Skatopsyxos 


 17:40 pm 

From: System
Type: System
Sent: 10-May @ 17:17:03
The feds confiscated a stolen Nash Big Six Town Sedan from you


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