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Latest News > Sending Death Bed! - Berserk!

 Sending Death Bed! - Berserk!   

 By Kcode 


 1:12 am 

After the events of this previous day and last night, after some gruesome and bloodsome war, we are introduced to Attacking on another level.

Running Recap of Last war...

Motisi have found them selves in a jeopardy now, They are being attacked parralel by Penta, Chaparros, Exception and Blacksea.

1: Penta, Chaparros, Exception & Blacksea -VS- Motisi

As we recall, a counter attack was called upon defense of Motisi held mafia familia during "The Awakening - Blood Bath". Nazdrovia entered the battle to show appearance, as war soon gave its end.

Counter attack was prepared and established to be executed tonight, as per it did.

Nazdrovia & Motisi are fighting side by side to face what gets thrown at them, as we stand, Fangtasia(Fang), Hallows and Militant have begun throwing grenades at Motisi and Nazdrovia, Motisi faced casualties and defended well. Nazdrovia went up ahead in battle and striked facing handful of casualties as parallel to Motisi.

2: Fangtasia, Hallows, Fang, Differnce, Orchestra Militant -VS- Motisi, Nazdrovia

After some heavy deaths from Nazdrovia, Nazdrovia becomes history!

Motisi, still standing is taking a hit from all around, up/left and centre!

Motisi has lost its First lady! - Everything at Motisi is against it! No blood, no allies, no as1 left, Motisi held yet strong uphold!

Can the the berserk on Motisi, take Motisi out and finalise the version?

This seems to be the closing page of this version. Will the reset button be hit after this war is over? Or, should we see a come back ? - A Rebel ??


Motisi has fought well, had its stand held strong. Well done to all Motisi soldiers who fought back and made a stand worth fighting for.

Moving on with this war as it seems over,

Motisi has now become history...

Stay tuned to be updated.

Any News?
#Raja o/

Written by Raja at
Last updated at: May 4, 2017, 1:11 am

 By 4.106Maskoff 


 1:24 am 


 By 4.106Maskoff 


 1:28 am 


sad song time

 By 4.106Valliants 


 18:22 pm 

we motisi will come back

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