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Latest News > The Awakening - Blood Bath

 The Awakening - Blood Bath   

 By Kcode 


 21:03 pm 

It has been a steady and slow period this past 2 weeks, where the "Conquer or Wasted" war was the highlight, no other strike of wave or hint of movement in death caused a worry.

Time: Every thing has been at a pace for survivors, however, for some, it's like a slow death for ones who have fallen.

Many have been impatient for the leaves to blow, some have been busy stacking bullets. Was the last war the end of the version, or the last strike is yet to be.

The world around appeared like hell on Earth; the grass no longer showing due to the torrential rain. Clouds closing in, filling the painful silence of the deserted zone. As the fragments of explosives sparked, it progressed vigoursly, a black enviornment. Mercy no longer an option.

In this gloomy time, war cries louder..

Pentagram has been siting in silence, busy re-establishing them selves, trying to stay in tact in order to focus on higher aim.

No matter how long you have been given to live by, there is never a mercy upon competition.

Pentagram has begun executing and massacre. With Motisi and Fortress being on their side, they have chosen Fangtasia and Hallows to be their dinner target for tonight.

1: ( Pentagram, Motisi, Fortress -VS- Fangtasia, Hallows )

Will the defenders counter with a WAR CRY ? Or should we see, more Mafia taking a glimpse of opportunity and initiate ongoing war. Which could may lead to the decision maker war for this version.

Or will you just stand by, and watch the first wave slide by, as the path is more open yet dangerous.

Each Mafia, is slowly playing their cards as they see fit and after having an organised meeting for the killspree fun.

Following the events of the Awakening blood bath, Orchestra and Chaparros have chosen Marazzino for their target for this war. They have managed to knock out the first online soldier of Marazzino, hence, War On!

2: ( Orchestra, Chaparros -VS- Marazzino )

Will they come with counter and bloods ? Or, will the Orchestrian flag will flare ?

- During the countdown towards first family who will be biting dust, Exception has joined to make it happen. The war has now progressed with: Exception and Blacksea attacking Motisi and Fortress.

3: Exception, Blacksea Vs Motisi & Fortress

Penta has seized fire on Fangtasia temporarily and have started to execute Motisi as the battle goes on, soldiers drop dead in red meat with blood bath everywhere.

Was this a betrayal half way through the battle ? Did Penta turn on Motisi or what really is the truth is yet to be told. Penta and Motisi are having it head on with one another, which of their bloods will be loyal to them ? Or is it a good opportunity for the opportunists to take an opportunity of this turn around.

4: Penta VS Motisi

Overnight killings and massacare, and the betrayal and turning on each other has resulted in 2 mafia families to fall apart. Fortress and Marazzino have become the firsts of mafia families to bite the dust in this peculiar war. At the same time, Pentagram gets knocked with an a-kill and becomes a casualty.

Will the fight between now, Penta vs Motisi will yield any result of victory for either of them ? Or Will they both fight till the last standing player ?

Will Motisi take revenge from Penta and join with Fangtasia, Hallows and Nazdrovia ? Or this is the end of this war ? Will EXCEPTION make a stand and go for victorious cup ? -

Chaparros have sucessfully managed to execute their target last night which was Marazzino, now they have landed their hands on Motisi, which seems to be the easy target currently with all the crossfire they are involved in.

5: Chaparros VS Motisi

Motisi have found them selves in a jeopardy now, They are being attacked parralel by Penta, Chaparros, Exception and Blacksea.

::Shout out to Motisi's Friends, Where are you? - This is the time your friends need you, are you going to hide back and not show up or will you fight with honour and stand up with Motisi, or will we just see more friends of Penta and Chaparros taking a shot on Motisi::

Stay tuned for the update.

Motisi has called for back up, their "as-one" family Nazdrovia, have joined in to take revenge for Motisi, hence Nazdrovia are countering for Motisi and shooting Chaparros.

6: Nazdrovia -VS- Chaparros

Militant has striked Scarfo down!


Any News?
#Raja o/

Written by Raja at
Last updated at: May 2, 2017, 9:01 pm

 By 4.106Rob 


 21:33 pm 

selling hps

 By 4.106Fumiin 


 2:29 am 

Vote Pedro.

 By 4.106Achille 


 8:23 am 

Quote: Rob on 21:33:04 02-05-2017
selling hps

selling your mother.

 By 4.106Don 


 11:52 am 

Quote: Achille on 08:23:31 03-05-2017

selling your mother.

Very inappropriate, why bring his mother in to this? so childish..

 By 4.106Chikbaar 


 20:50 pm 

Quote: Don on 11:52:07 03-05-2017

Very inappropriate, why bring his mother in to this? so childish..

usually this is the part where Achille says "do you even know who I am?!?!"

 By 4.106Maskoff 


 22:49 pm 

I blow cock for Andrew Dice Clay jokes

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