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Latest News > Conquer Or Wasted!

 Conquer Or Wasted!   

 By Kcode 


 21:30 pm 

It has become a necessity for actions to be taken in furious manner when trying to mark and claim your presence and lust of ego.

Rather, this time the occurrence of wars, is only rising. New born and the returned, the established and the numbers are seeking duel, to keep the slow and steady peace in rather a higher tone.

On this another explicit day of Omerta, night falls, black blanket bestowed upon the self beings, Hammer is yet to struck!

The Easter Holidays are over, dinners have been served and disturbed, thou all must return to business,

... Peaky's have rather cleaned up well this past Easter, is it now the time for them to be in another yet a vast opponent ? We shall see,

For the chaos to be initiated, had to be someone's first step,
... yet Pentagram opens fire on Peaky and they are in war!

(Pentagram VS Peakys)

Followed upon, the duel that Exception has taken it to the door step of Forsaken, where Fangtasia is also acting against Forsaken.

(Exception and Fangtasia VS Forsaken)

The enemies are appearing and being confirmed through the deaths of their soldiers in Death stats, so it creeps... Nazdrovia are taking a keen shot for bullets on Pentagram .

(Nazdrovia VS Pentagram)

The wars which ought to be stopped, are seeming to take a greater joy in reinitiating attacks where Difference and Hallows have resumed challenging Colossal.

(Difference and Hallows VS Colossal)

Late hour is going, war is taking a balanced yet forceful duels.
Militant has striked Penteption!

This and the last two wars have taken this war in to a crossfire,

Fortress and Motisi VS Saints

During his uprise, Assassino has begun countering for their bloods to Pentagram,
However, Assassinos - Family Down !!

It seems Pentagram got hijacked by some Guardians soldiers, and have wiped out half of Pentagram soldiers.
By such a inside victory, they have celebrated it and showed it off with following pic in Pentagrams fam page.

In between such havoc...
Forsaken - Family Down !
Saints - Family Down!

Pentagram -Hijacked & Name changed to: Tony-E where Guardians fam soldiers reside.
After such a event, Tony E is nevertheless for sure in danger and their members are now being attacked.
In parallel Amigos has also joined the war..

Colossal - Family Down!

After some long hours hunting, taking out Peaky"s successor Dons one by one, Peaky's is now laid down, hence...

Peakys- Family Down!

The chaos is at its feet.

Game on!

Any News?
#Raja o/

Written by Raja at
Last updated at: April 18, 2017, 9:29 pm

 By 4.106Gesus 


 21:31 pm 


 By 4.106Zerohero 


 21:35 pm 

Where is my popcorn

 By 4.106Frank 


 22:14 pm 

hold my beer

 By 4.106Guna 


 22:25 pm 

do you drink?

 By 4.106Rob 


 10:25 am 


 By 4.106Merkajosh 


 23:38 pm 


 By 4.106Merkajosh 


 23:50 pm 

help me pleasee ! in need of loan !

 By 4.106Demogoblin 


 0:10 am 

In need of loan 5k euro!!!

 By 4.106Merkajosh 


 0:44 am 

Add me as friend

 By 4.106Merkajosh 


 1:58 am 

can you remove your kill password ?

 By 4.106Domherre 


 7:20 am 

Quote: Merkajosh on 01:58:30 25-04-2017
can you remove your kill password ?

Yes you can. Via sms I think you can remove it or just make a ticket or go to #help and ask admins to remove it for you.

 By 4.106Merkajosh 


 1:33 am 


 By 4.106Merkajosh 


 20:44 pm 

could someone get back to my ticket please thanks

 By 4.106Merkajosh 


 0:59 am 

any staff here to answer my ticket please

 By 4.106Fumiin 


 23:59 pm 

Add me people <3

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