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Latest News > Easter Attacks!

 Easter Attacks!   

 By Kcode 


 21:02 pm 

A new day follows, Easter holiday surf around us, every one filled with joy, attending dinners and having the Easter eggs 🍳, Exception sees a good opportunity to penetrate Guardians, and they open fire 🔥 , unluckily Guardians backfire struck at unexpected rate with 2 casualties from Exception and they are in fist ful gunfire.

Exception is getting it back fired, whereas, Pentagram joins Exception and attacks Guardians. At this same time, Colossal is also taking a beat down from Exception and Pentagram.

As the suppas are over and disturbed, the word is out as Difference and Hallows join in attacking Colossal

Guardians been defending well and countering at the same time, however, Guardians have now been put in the state of, "Rest in Peace" with being Fangtasia taking out one of their Don.

Any news ?

Written by Raja at
Last updated at: April 16, 2017, 9:01 pm

 By Guna 


 21:17 pm 

not true

 By Mcgee 


 15:43 pm 

ALLAH AKBAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/me shoots down NATO helicoptah

 By Merkajosh 


 0:47 am 

Add me as friend n00bs !

 By Quickybaby 


 8:07 am 

Ummm WTF

 By Merkajosh 


 2:00 am 

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