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Latest News > Buckle up, it's the return of Peakys!

 Buckle up, it's the return of Peakys!   

 By Kcode 


 1:16 am 

On a going fresh start, gangsters have been busy training, and loading ammo. Sides have been decided and its time to strike.

A theme of black night ful sky, peek of the night takes us to a war zone. Orchestra's soldiers take hits, hand ful bite the dust, and it's on!

Orchestra has been selected and is the initial target to execute in this war. Malavuranlar has striked Orchestra, being followed by Peakys and Saints.

It's now time for Orchestra+ to strike! Which one will come with tommies in hand and evict this threat!
...Team Negan awaits Eenie Meeny Miny Moe, ho ho ho

As the attacks continue on Orchestra, Forsaken, Colossal and Assassino began attacking Orchestra+.

It appears that Orchestra has been taking the hit, meanwhile, Malavuranlar becomes the first casualty of the war and falls down!

After some ruthless and a creepy night full of gun shots, Orchestro bites the dust and Orchestra seems to have lost lot of fire 🔥 power. - it has been claimed that, Peakys are throwing some heavy fire load at Orchestra, they have returned !!!

As the parallel wars continue, Stradanegra takes a beat and family down!

In the open shoot out in this war, Forsekan has now come to a fall, hence Forsekan down, yet Forsaken has risen them back in control also.

Any top statements PM me.

Any News?
#Raja o/

Written by Raja at
Last updated at: April 16, 2017, 1:15 am

 By 4.106Cubano 


 3:14 am 

So I've been absent from the game and I have a question, Everything still the same one-month verz?

 By 4.106Brahmos 


 10:01 am 

do u rly think this game will live up to see one more year mr noob.code? 2-3 euros atm u pay for 3k bullets,are u aware what u can do with 3 euros in some full hd other online games,compared to this textual fart ??u live in parallel world...

 By 4.106Guna 


 10:34 am 

where is Erdogan?

 By 4.106Mcgee 


 16:57 pm 

"Everyone's a whore, Grace.
We just sell different parts of ourselves."

-great tommie shelby

 By 4.106Merkajosh 


 2:01 am 

add me as a friend ppl <3

 By 4.106Cryopyro 


 17:44 pm 


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