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Latest News > 10-03 Initiation of Puzzle!

 10-03 Initiation of Puzzle!   

 By Kcode 


 19:24 pm 


Omerta version started off with A-kills, it continued to run with a-kills for few weeks. Some of the families have recieved a big hammer of a-kills, and others prepared for war.

As it appears from todays events, Anarchy/Winterhill/Occultum opened fire on Difference, managing to reserve a bunch of kills instantly in the same hour. Difference reacted quickly and called backup from Samyo.

This was a good opportunity for Liberta to gain the bullet factory from Samyo, hence Gravano helped liberta to shoot at Samyo parallel to fams from wave 1.

Fortress teamed up with Horde and took shot on Difference and Istishad, managing to take Istishad down!

Exception opened fire on Guardians, where Winterhill also participated at shooting.

After the night fall full of killings and war continued, we see that the pact family has been sucessfully in taking Samyo, Guardians and Difference mafia families out! "Khallas!"

After seeing the huge number of families on attack side, Catania joins in to the field and begun shooting Gravano. Gravano has returned backup from Anarchy, Exception, Liberta, Winterhill & Occultum.

On the following day, Winterhill opened fire on Militant, at the same time Militant returned fire on Fortress and Winterhill and a few targets from Gravano. After Winterhill/Fortress taking some regular shots on Militant and succeeding in taking out most of the Militant Soldiers, the sucessor was passed on to EX-Shield Top who changed the name and took the death under Shield's name without shooting any.

After a day and little more long war, Catania being involved from the start of today and taking a consistent beating through out the day they have finally taken the death bed and went down.

After a busy day of war, the bloods and the pact have began to slowly shortlist the standing mafia families who will continue to stay on the board. Meanwhile, Vogue got hunted and Fucilare mafia have begun to face casualties.

Slowly, moving on with the war, as days pass by in solemn, Mafia families as such Narcos and Saints became the target, where Narcos mafia went down.

Stay tuned to find out which fams wins the crown of this war, or will they really, for their punishment from Admin's wrath!


It has been few weeks since the version has resetted, it has only been hours untill Admins have ceased their fire on dupes and cheaters. Rather a very long list of dupes and cheaters as can be seen in previous post when Admin's wrath returned!

The rumours were all in the air, the preprations have been ongoing for few days now, as from the alerts of yesterdays uprise in Detective agencies have given a head start for this war to a few!

Creeping fear
The arena had a cold malicious air to it, the breeze whistling past them in every way, as if it’s irritating to express its own confusion at the sudden fire.

First Hit

Written by Raja at
Last updated at: March 10, 2017, 7:23 pm

 By 4.105Dumenci 


 22:55 pm 


 By 4.105Donfck 


 19:48 pm 

NOW ADMINS is the best time to tell that the next reset is in 3 month

 By 4.105Unstoppable 


 6:34 am 

 By 4.105Poisonous 


 17:42 pm 

so reset?

 By 4.105Dantes 


 20:52 pm 

we need reset! and new stuff in next version! game is dead after 3 weeks ! RESET!

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