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 By Righello 


 11:19 am 

Fellow gangsters,

With 4 families standing and many requests from players we have started ROM.

If you think that this version is decided and that it is time to reset, vote YES.

If you think that this version should continue, vote NO.

Don't forget, if there are less than 70% of votes in favor for reset, version will continue and ROM will be re-run later on.

ROM will end on Tuesday (11 January) at midnight OT.

Let us know your opinion,
Omerta crew

 By 4.103Kutspel 


 11:25 am 


 By 4.103Elmagico 


 11:27 am 


 By 4.103Derbeder 


 11:28 am 


 By 4.103Void 


 12:08 pm 

that remaining time and constant error trying to vote. so omerta style :3

 By 4.103Gangsta 


 12:13 pm 


 By 4.103Yarrakk 


 12:37 pm 


 By 4.103Jonn 


 12:59 pm 


 By 4.103Haha 


 13:47 pm 

Reset to v5 or v4.9999999992

 By 4.103Kalli 


 14:34 pm 

Reset yes. And please please please start the new round on Saturday and not like on Friday or any other work day as you often do. Give us who gotta work a chance to rank fast for the first couple of days as well. Thank you!

 By 4.103Gs 


 14:44 pm 


 By 4.103Bug 


 14:49 pm 


 By 4.103Emci 


 15:19 pm 

Finally and pls give a nice voucher for reset

Keep up the great work admins

 By 4.103Monday 


 15:42 pm 

11th is on Wednesday tho ... just sayin'.

 By 4.103Kyra 


 15:51 pm 

Quote: Monday on 15:42:50 09-01-2017
11th is on Wednesday tho ... just sayin'.

Uhu ! I agree with you

 By 4.103Gringo 


 17:01 pm 

 By 4.103Ice 


 18:28 pm 


 By 4.103Unutursun 


 19:10 pm 


 By 4.103Rok 


 19:46 pm 


 By 4.103Greenlove 


 21:55 pm 

Yes... It's time,for new round...

 By 4.103Trnan 


 22:02 pm 

the end

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