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General Discussion > Cya Tony Romo

 Cya Tony Romo   

 By 4.106Mcgee 


 4:01 am 

Best of luck Tony Romo (because hes here playing), you were a crazy QB to watch for 15 years. A much longer career then any queer-mo in Omerta. I never understood why people called you "Tony Homo" considering your wife's aliases is a state name queen pin. Blonde to of course. All those huge hits and injuries you took and came back in to finish out games winning. Clutch QB but not all the time.
-from buffalo bills fan

Hugs and kissys for everyone xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

Ps: how could i forget!?!? Thx for replacing phil sims on cbs, annoying listening, fucking guy was in alot of madden games broadcasting to, wow so tony romo would voice madden ganes now to!?!? Wow man wooowww epic finish XD

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