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General Discussion > Sup fucktards major ??? To ask

 Sup fucktards major ??? To ask   

 By 4.103Junkiebitch 


 17:29 pm 

Hello social outcats here in a personaliry crisis whether its about manic depression, loneliness, schizophrenia, or fuck whatever is the case youre here. Pat yourselves on the back, as much as its off pretending to be a gangster here, youre actually On the road to becomow one in reality as well for those who havent yet, youll see Im not that crazy, long story short...

Werewolf or Vampire?
You decide, itll be your fate when the game shuts down anyways sorry to break the news you insignificant himan beings.

 By 4.103Englishonly 


 10:46 am 


Dont mind running around in forest naked and roaring

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