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Dead Players > In Memory: Wesleysld

 In Memory: Wesleysld   



 10:17 am 

Wesleysld was visiting his uncle in the respiratory unit of the local hospital, when he heard a nurse scream in the corridor outside.

�One moment, uncle, I will see what the commotion is.� Wesleysld opened the door to see two men in black suits.

He turned back, just in time to see a figure behind his uncle�s curtain screen.

�You are coming with us!� grunted one of the guys. The other held a gun to poor Wesleysld's uncle�s head.

What would any good nephew do? Wesleysld went along quietly.

Wesleysld's corpse was found the next day by the local police. Bullets in his belly and head and a garland of flowers on his chest

In Memory: RIP: Wesleysld

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