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Player Profile > Jane

 Name:  Jane
 Gender:  Female
 Honour Points:  1,333
Nick Time Status
Mgk 13-Apr @ 19:18:40 Mgk failed to kill you but did some damage, you hit back and killed Mgk

Only Busting

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Palabi, Armada, Jackiedevil, Engn, Cins, Artuk, Bluntmachete, Bymstf, Vlinderin, Asd, Haruna, Buzadam, Fusco, Feud, Thepain, Senna, More, August,
Dunya, Pppentakill, Luna, Eros, Would, Blf, Vicent, Revenger , Fiducia, Kunteper, Harvey, Vluggertje, Kingsize, Seyhsamil, Golmit, Halford, Thorne, Toprak, Ilyas, Aquile, Obsession, North, Hyuna, Soulfly, Gerrard, Kidsix, Vicarious, Castiel, Junge, Injadm, Ikkuh, Mire, Coffeebreak, Hasselbaink, Pppentakill, Shagrath, Borts,

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