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Player Profile > Angelface

 Name:  Angelface
 Gender:  Female
 Honour Points:  1,025
Ladybuterfly aka Angelface

since 1.8 #oldschool


sjaakie`afk Angelface Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum: 500 bullets Kick

sjaakie`afk keep doing what you're doing Angelface 11:37 Artimisa Angelface el pistolera!

O valor conseguido do Mega OC foi $16,803,389! Pergunta ao líder pela tua parte!

Danger with a gun in my off!!! i dont need protection!! my pistols do it for me

Last version.. too damn time.. enjoy

You can always find me on #winterhill

Angelface Pair $111,111,110

Angelface Two Pairs $17,000,000

Angelface Two Pairs $15,498,890

Angelface Three Of A Kind $7,693,492

Part-time poker player, but death serious about it

do u see an angel up?

Não estás na cadeia!

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