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All about the crimes section

Gangsters wouldn't be gangsters without stealing and various other crimes being involved. As a player of this RPG game, the best way for you to move upwards in the multiplayer mafia world is to commit underground crimes and avoid jail for as long as possible.

Some of the many in-game crimes available:
Stealing Cars:
All gangsters need a decent car, for getaways, status and of course, car races. Stealing another players car is a great cheap way to get your hands on some wheels. Like all crimes, it isn't without risk, don't steal a high-ranking gangster's car or you may well find yourself sleeping with the fish later that night.

Route-66 Heist
Grab some of your most trusted partners in crime and set about holding up the first vehicle you come across. Although this may sound risky, there are big rewards involved, from holding up lucrative business types, to the very shameful holdup of aging senior citizens.

Organised Crime
Organised crimes are for the more daring and experienced gangster. After all, a young empty-suit wouldn't have much luck holding up a bank on his own. Penalties for such crimes can be harsh, but if you choose an experienced group with some heavy weapons for backup (just to scare people of course!), your chances of success are higher. And as you can imagine, these types of crime pay you and your gangster crime ring some pretty high rewards IF you don't get caught.

Mega Organised Crime
In a mega organised crime you need seven of your most trusted buddies to go for the big one an attack on the Federal Reserve! You'll need the best drivers and a weapons expert who can really wow everyone with an ace pyrotechnics display! Blow the doors and make your getaway in a fast stolen car!
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