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Killing Other Players

Killing Other Players

Once you join the mafia world, one of the first things young gangsters learn is that this RPG Game world is a cruel and unforgiving one. Ruthless killers and mafia gangs rule the game, if you get on the wrong side of them, you could well find yourself on the run from other gangsters for a long time.
Such a dangerous multiplayer game environment means that even the high-ranking, well respected gangsters are at risk too. No matter how many bodyguards, friends or getaway cars you have, there are always a lot of bullets flying around with an intent to kill unsuspecting players.

As a gangster yourself, you will need three things to make a successful kill:

A Weapon:
All true gangsters use a real weapon to kill their enimies. During your time in the game, players will find all sorts of different weapons available to them (at a price). Choose your weapon wisely, otherwise you may be paying the price in blood later.

What good is a weapon without bullets? None of course! Bullets can be found and bought from other players or even purchased fron the local bullet factory. Beware, because bullets are so freely available, some gangsters in the RPG game can tend to get a bit trigger-happy.

Okay, you've found your target, ready to kill him, but wait. What if this guy has protection? What if he lives to tell the tale? Most gangsters are protected, and if you don't kill them, they will try to find and kill you too! Families can offer a lot of protection, along with high ranking in-game friends and partners in crime. Anyone who wants to succeed in the mafia world should keep friends as close as possible.
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