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Gambling in the Casinos


For those gangsters who like to try their luck in perhaps a less risky way, there are is always plenty of gambling going on in this multiplayer game. Of course in order for a gangster to gamble, he must first have some money on which to bet, from there on it's down to luck alone.

Roulette Tables:
Place your bets, choose your number, choose your color. This famous game works especially well in the underground mafia world. Huge profits can be made in minutes, of perhaps for those more silly players, huge amounts of money can vanish very very quickly.

Scratch and Win:The world just wouldn't be the same without scratchcards, and the same is true here. Although this game isn't about strategy, perhaps pure luck does make it more interesting. Purchase your scratchcards, scratch off the panel to see if you won. With up to $1,000,000 up for grabs (and yes, people do win). This game may well be worth a few goes.

Like to have a flutter from time to time? This is the place for you. The bookmaker allows gangsters to place bets on real life events outside of the Gangster RPG and away from the multiplayer environment. If you win, you're paid out on the odds you recived when you placed your bet. Great if for example you're sure your favorite football team will win its next match.

Lottery:Here all gangsters get their chances to win some big money. With a massive 75% of your ticket price going towards the prize fund, it isn't uncommon for the Jackpot to rise into tens of millions. If you're the lucky gangster to win the lottery, you could well be starting your own mafia family or supplying your crime ring with brand new weapeons for months to come.

Owning your own:Gangsters who are addicted to gambling, may find it easy to understand what benefits can come from owning your own gambling empire. Such features as roulette tables, number games, etc are all up for grabs for those users who are looking to make some real profit. However, as with any business, be sure not to give too much away, and keep your prices low enough to ensure other gangsters will want to play.
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